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Nice beach front of Zazen Boutique Resort

Zazen Resort Samui - An idyllic Resort in Samui

Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa welcomes you to Bo Phut beach, haven of natural harmony and home of peaceful style on Thailands most delightful tropical island, Koh Samui.

Zazen - Escape Into Your Inner Self

Zazen draws inspiration from the Japanese word meaning to find inner peace, and the resort in Samui is dedicated to guiding its guests on a journey of calm, pleasure and the satisfaction of reconnection to the self.

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

The history of this charming Samui resort is one of family, friendship and care, creating a resort, restaurant and spa of unique design and close personal intimacy. At Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa Ko Samui, a guests preconceptions of a Samui hotel and a Thailand holiday are transformed into an experience of union, sociability, and unimagined pleasure.

Beach front
Beach front by night

Distinctive and personal bungalows are located on the pristine beachfront and amongst verdant tropical gardens, with up-market furnishings, the latest in technological entertainment, and bright, luxurious style. Guests indulge in a home of the best in modern living combined with the finest of international comforts.

Beach Relaxing
Beach Relaxing
Beach Relaxing
Beach Relaxing

Zazen Restaurant is famous throughout the Samui island for its deep, romantic atmosphere and delectable East Meets West cuisine from master chef, Walter Andreini. At night, Zazen becomes a warm and rouge candle-lit palace, with guests enjoying the gentle presence of the beachfront, the enticing cuisine, and the company of each other.

The garden spa at Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa Ko Samui is a traditional Thailand spa, highlighting the values of why this kingdom has long been associated with the healing powers of massage, treatment and spiritually-focused body care, the key into unlocking all of the bodys potential to feel invigorated, fresh, and alive.

Our Staff

We invite you to the holiday of your dreams at Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa, Ko Samui.

Our devoted management and attentive staff look forward to serving you.

We invite you to discover the magic of Zazen

Nice Beach Front

A perfect space

The Cutting Edge of Style and Comfort. Introducing the newly redesigned and stunningly redeveloped luxury bungalows in Samui at Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa.

With their orange, sun-washed Mediterranean colour and traditional red-tiled roofs, these bungalows blend naturally to their surroundings, nestled amid a fragrant garden, lotus pond and balmy coconut groves beside a palm fringed stretch of golden sandy beach.

Each room is designed like a small and elegant Thai home with dual layer wooden and terra-cotta tiled floors, wide glass-fronted doors and a large veranda overlooking the beach or gardens.

The groundbreaking evolution of these private accommodations will transcend your expectations of a high quality hotel room in Thailand. Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa presents a conceptual home combining innovative modernity with sumptuous comfort in the brightest of tropical environments.

Each home now comes equipped with the latest technological amenities, ranging from high definition flat screen TVs, i-Pod with JBL station, DVD players and free wireless internet access, keeping you in-touch, up-to-date and entertained.

Enjoy a personalized world at your fingertips.

These stylish and essential technological innovations have been unobtrusively incorporated into the spacious and comfortable living space. Rich leather furniture, decorative art from Asia, the softest material textures and soothing, harmonious colour combine to create a sensation of deep relaxation.

Oversized beds are blessed with the finest natural cotton sheets and rich fluffy pillows over thick, supportive mattresses. Raised bed-area floors are made from strong and elegant wood, and walls are decorated with paintings and photography from the region.

Spacious bathrooms feature wide, embracing mirrors, the best in pampering pleasures, and a healing spa rain shower bathed in unobstructed sun light.

Guest select from glorious Beachfront Bungalows, Garden Deluxe Bungalows and Garden Villas, all presenting specific delights tailored to your needs.

Each home is complimented by a special Moroccan lounge in which to rest, recline and enjoy views chosen from beach front, your personal hammock swaying outside, sparkling pool or inspiring, verdant gardens, enhanced by the Mediterranean tint of the bungalows themselves.

In their dedication to making your stay a happy one, the inspired design and management team at Zazen have created a personal space that you will never wish to leave.

Garden Deluxe Bungalow

Contemporary....Stylish & Balanced

Garden Deluxe Bungalow Bedroom

A glorious fifty square meters of living space, an idyllic garden setting, an exotic veranda, the eleven Garden Deluxe Bungalows are perfect for couples and families, accommodating an extra bed if requested, a wealth of modern amenities, and days upon days of lounging and living at home in the sun.

Located just five meters from the beach and even closer to the pool, these homes represent a highly dreamed of and rarely found place in paradise, the perfect location for unrivalled holiday of endless pleasure.

The Garden Deluxe Bungalows a picture of richness and opulence. The walls are decorated with sweeping mirrors and handpicked artifacts from across South East Asia. Floors are scattered with cushions and a day bed provides an all-day source of comfort.

Your king sized, supportive mattress dominates as a regal centerpiece of a majestic room.

The bathrooms are open-air, Balinese and magnificent. With healing spa rain showers and an abundance of amenities, the rooms are a breath of fresh air.

Completely revamped and refurbished in May 2007, these rooms feature a wealth of modern amenities, TV, DVD player, wireless internet: your entertainment paradise.

Beachfront Deluxe Bungalow

Tropical Private & Luxurious

Beachfront Deluxe Bungalow Bedroom

On the sands of Samui, lulled by the gentle sound of the wave, the sea breeze drifting over the veranda through the wide open window, the five exclusive Beachfront bungalows of Zazen stand as sun washed holiday dream, a highly sought after, never to be forgotten haven in which to pass your holiday in paradise.

Your Moroccan lounge sits nestled in a front corner of the balcony, a playful alcove of cushions and comfort in which the young at heart love to laze, an ideal spot for an extra bed for the children.

At the centre of a luxurious 45 square meters of living space, on a raised wooden platform, is your majestic king sized bed, surrounded by exotic decorative art and sheer expanse of space.

The Balinese open air bathrooms with beautiful wooden parquet floors are amazingly beautiful. Large mirrors and carefully designed lighting create the atmosphere of your choice, and especially selected amenities make this a room for pampering a pleasure.

Completely refurbished in May 2007 with bespoke leather furniture and a whole new level of comfort, these rooms now feature iPods with JBL station, large screen TVs, DVD players an wireless internet, a world at your hand in the heart of paradise

Garden Villas

Garden Villas at Zazen: Our Pride, Your Joy.

Garden Villas

Amid the greenery of beautifully lush gardens and boasting an expansive 65 square meters of living space, the Garden Villas are the most luxurious, and spacious, rooms at Zazen.

Couples may enjoy a romantic, candle lit dinner in the privacy of their own terrace, especially arranged by our Master Chef and catered for you to the finest detail.

The wide open living rooms, easily accommodating as many as three adults and two children, are blessed with an array of cushions, the perfect escape in which to relax during the day, and recline in the evening enjoying a complementary DVD from our Boutique on your 40 inch flat screen TV.

The Garden Villas are tastefully decorated with carefully chosen art and artifacts from across the region, and the bathrooms a perfect blend of Balinese style and modern amenities.

On a raised wooden platform, your king sized bed provides supportive and splendid comfort, from which you will awake each morning to the fresh garden air, generous island sun, and endless island possibilities.

Refurbished in May 2007 and now modernized with iPods, JBL stations, DVD players, and whole new level of quality furnishings, the Garden Villas at Zazen are our pride and your joy.

Massage Sala

Rouge Lounge & Bar

Cooling, Relaxing &Tropical Evening

The Rouge Lounge invites guests for pre and post dinner drinks, wines with an extensive wine list numbering over one hundred wines, on display in a freshly created glass cellar and cocktails from a range including exclusive surprises and many specialties. Comfortable sofa chairs and a central pool table allow for new friendships to be made a shared experience to savour.

Rouge Lounge & Bar
Rouge Lounge & Bar
Rouge Lounge & Bar

Located on the waterfront, next to the restaurant and pool, the lounge is a perfect gathering point for guests and a centre point of the Zazen social scene. In the evening the atmosphere is warm and sultry, with red Moroccan lighting and great tunes, creating the ideal setting for sipping cocktails, relaxing after dinner and getting to meet some people around the pool table. Famous on Samui for good reason: very hip, very trendy, very rouge very Zazen.

Thai Dance Evenings

Thai Dance Evening at Zazen Restaurant Samui

Dear Guests,
We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our special Thai Dance evenings held at Zazen Restaurant every Thursday and Sunday.

Thai Dance
Thai Dance
Thai Dance

This wonderful display of Thailand's finest traditional performing art perfectly complements the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of Zazen and, we feel, completes the experience of dining at our restaurant.

The show is performed by highly trained dancers and musicians, in a range of dazzling costumes and styles, and is sure to be an experience of authentic Thailand that you will take to heart and remember fondly.

The show begins at 8pm, and is highly popular on the island. Please contact your e-concierge to reserve a table with best views.

We look forward to seeing you.

A Sample of Our Menu

Koh Samui didn't receive the name of a Tropical Paradise just because of its beautiful beaches. The diversity of cooking styles and the quality of the fare itself makes the island a veritable "gourmet's paradise" too.

Beach side dining
Our Menu
Our Menu

Our eating habits have changed over the years and we all try to eat smarter and healthier in this day and age. With this in mind, we have tried to create a menu using organic vegetables, organic flours, wheat free and gluten free products and light oils where possible. A selection of vegetarian and spa options are available through out the menu but if you wish for something different please let us know and we will try our up-most to create a dish to suit your needs.

(V)- Vegetarian dishes, there are well balanced dishes fusing the myriad of modern and local ingredients that are available to us here in Samui.

(S)- Spa cuisine, we have worked closely with Chef Wally, spa manager and yoga teacher, to bring the Asian love for food and attention to well being together in each of our spa dishes.

Wine and Champagne List

Wine and Champagne List at Zazen Restaurant Samui


In our Boutique at Zazen Samui you may wish to discover our unique wine cellar with its spectacular selection of wines from around the world. You are more than welcome to come and discover it with the assistance of one of our waitresses.

Here you can also book wines for dinner at any time of the day or have it delivered to your room. We have a selection of almost 75 different wines available. How about a crisp, Santa Monica Tierra de Sol Chardonnay, a fruity Vermentino from Sardinia or one of our organic wines from Australia.

These wines are available to enjoy at our Wine Bar, Restaurant or in your room.

Spa area

New Spa Menu

Traditional Massages and Treatments

Thai Massage
1. The Travelers Revival Anti-Jetlag Body Massage - Allow 1 hour 30 minutes
Start your holiday with a top to toe circulation boost. The perfect treatment to overcome jet lag and to relieve stiffness, aches and pains. A gentle and soothing massage bringing together elements of Swedish massage and reflexology combined with the therapeutic qualities of oriental aromatic essential oils. Designed to strengthen the bodys vital energy and leave you with a renewed spirit. Highly recommended after a long flight.

2. Traditional Thai Massage - Allow 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes or 2 hours
Thai massage is an ancient massage that combines gentle rocking, deep stretching movements and firm acupressure techniques, relying on the use of palms, elbows and thumbs. This massage will help improve your flexibility, stimulate blood circulation and increase vitality. Comfortable and elegant white top and drawstring pants are provided for you to wear.

3. Sport Massage - Allow 1 hour
This sport massage works through all soft tissue areas searching for muscle damage, injury or other physical ailments. Stretching and other specialized techniques are used which require guest participation to achieve the best results. Ideal as preparation for an active island holiday, and following an action packed day engaged in extensive excursions.

4. Thai Herbal Compress Massage - Allow 1 hour 20 minutes
This is a traditional Thai Massage in which heated aromatic poultices of herbs are applied to the body for deep heat penetration, soothing tired and aching muscles. Recommended for guests seeking treatments unique to the kingdom.
A less active massage than traditional Thai just lay back and relax.

5. Sunset-Kiss Ritual Massage - Allow 1 hour
This special body and face program is designed to repair and counteract the damaging effects of the sun and the sea,
as well as providing a complete sense of well-being. This is achieved through alternating warm and cool feelings, followed by draining techniques to reduce sun-induced puffiness, combined with a hydrating face massage.

Thai Massage

6. Healing Hot Stone Massage - Allow 1 hour 30 minutes

This experience incorporates a full aromatherapy facial with a back, face and scalp massage. Using hot stones on vital energy points, this therapeutic massage revitalizes the skin, and relaxes the mind and body.

7. 4 Hands Body Massage - Allow 1 hour 30 minutes
An amazing experience, perfect for couples. Let yourself be pampered completely, and experience this enveloping massage which encourages total relaxation, as two therapists harmoniously synchronise their movements to deliver the most sensual treatment imaginable. Not to be missed!

8. Rejuvenating Head and Shoulder Massage - Allow 1 hour
This ancient relaxing treatment is designed to specifically ease muscles tension by concentrating on the tight and stressed muscle of the back, neck and shoulders and to stimulate the bodys own natural healing mechanisms-physically, mentally and spiritually.

9. Swedish Fusion Massage - Allow 1 hour 30 minutes This fusion massage is a full body treatment both invigorating and relaxing a creative new imagining on the world favourite. This treatment helps to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and increase circulation.

10. Aromatherapy Massage with Warm Oils - Allow 1 hour 30 minutes
Experience the finest anti-stress treatment available. This complete face, scalp and body treatment massage focuses with the use of pure essentials oils of your choice on acupressure points, to help strengthen the nervous system, restore the lost energy and relax the mind and body through the combination of delicate fragrances.

11. Essential Sliming Anti-Cellulite Massage - Allow 1 hour
This light pressure massage is designed to work on the lymphatic system to facilitate the removal of toxins and boost the circulation and is here directed as a defensive anti-cellulite treatment, based on ingredients with slimming properties.
This innovative treatment eliminates toxins and acts favorably against cellulite, swelling and heavy legs. Smoothes, firms and tones the skin fast.

Body Scrubs

1. A Salt & Oil Skin Polish - Allow 40 minutes


A unique treatment rich in mineral salts and citrus oil blends to gently rejuvenate and radiate the skin. This mild scrub stimulates the lymphatic system, removes dry skin cells and encourages the free flow throughout the body. The finishing touch of regenerating body lotion ensures a silky smooth skin.

2. Elixir Body Glow - Allow 40 minutes
A luxuriant body scrub using natural grape seed rich in moisturising properties and a high level of antioxidants. It also contains vitamins A and E which act to protect the skin against free radicals and harmful UV rays from the sun. Heres to a long life

Body Wraps

1. Detoxifying Essential Body Wrap - Allow 50 minutes
The wrap benefits the body in many ways. It removes impurities and dull surface cells. Refines the skin, increases circulation and assists with the elimination of toxins. Essential oils are infused to increase the body metabolism, encourage detoxification and minimize the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

2. Anti-Aging and Hydrating Body Wrap - Allow 50 minutes
This absolute treatment brings true re-hydration to dry, sensitive or flaky skin, leaving it plump, hydrated and soft. A milky-honey wrap is applied to cocoon the body and leave the skin velvety soft. The blend of active ingredients restores skin balance, suppleness, elasticity and firmer appearance. It is purely luxurious and excellent after a day on the beach and
a wonderful preparation for a special night out.

3. Jet Lag and Revitalizing Body Wrap - Allow 50 minutes
When long haul travel leaves you not knowing what time of day it is, this wrap uses powerful aromatherapy oils to either soothe and relax you ready for sleep or to revitalize and energize you, leaving the mind clear and fresh to enjoy the day.


1. Anti-Aging Face Massage for Her - Allow 1 hour 30 minutes
This facial includes a special application of products rich in antioxidants which are skin softening and smoothing to visibly improve the radiance, appearance and texture of the skin.

An active massage to boost cellular activity is combined with alternating heat and cold provided by the active formula. This rejuvenating facial is perfect for all skin conditions and particularly when fighting against environmental stress, business pressure, illness or lack of sleep. Skin is repaired, rejuvenated, unified and the complexion recovers its radiance.


2. Anti-Aging Face Massage for Him - Allow 1 hour 30 minutes
Careful cleansing greatly helps the skin to improve the absorption of nourishing and moisturizing masks, facial oils and creams, which are specifically chosen for their deeply re-hydrating benefits. Depending on the skin concern, this is a detoxifying or soothing treatment for men. Instantly cleanses, energizes and conditions the skin. The treatment also helps to de-sensitize skins prone to irritation and stress.

3. After Sun Facial Kiss - Allow 1 hour
This special face program is designed to repair and counteract the damaging effects of the sun and the sea, as well as produce a complete sense of well-being. This is achieved through alternating warm and cool packs, followed by draining techniques to reduce sun-induced puffiness, combined with a soft tantalizing face massage.

Hand & Foot Care

1. Executive Manicure - Allow 50 minutes
This treatment includes neatening, conditioning and polishing of the nails and cuticle, leaving your hands groomed and protected. Enjoy a full manicure with pampering hand massage. A must try.

2. Executive Pedicure - Allow 50 minutes
A treatment that incorporates nail & cuticle care combined with gentle exfoliation and smoothing of hard skin to leave your feet groomed, soft and hydrated. Youll be surprised how good you feel after this essential treatment.

3. Blissful Renewal - Combination of Manicure and pedicure - Allow 1hour 20 minutes
Combine the 2 treatments and feel like a new person after 1hour and a half of pampering care. Its all in the details.

4. Foot Massage - Allow 45 minutes
A foot and lower-leg massage designed to increase the mobility of your ankles and feet whilst stimulating the internal organs, lymph and Chi flow throughout the body.

5. Foot Reflexology - Allow 1hour
The therapist uses pressure points to stimulate nerve reflexes in the feet. These points correspond to all major body parts and organs, stimulating them to improve total body function and helping to restore balance and harmony to your body.

6. Foot Scrub - Allow 45 minutes


Endless Adventure - Book Your Koh Samui Holiday Activities Today.

At Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa, you can choose between the pleasures of a peaceful relaxation holiday or the excitement of wide ranging leisure activities on Koh Samui such as: windsurfing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, ping pong, petanque or playing pool at the ocean view bar.


Enjoy tennis or golf at the nearby Santiburi Resort & Country Club, one of the finest golf courses in Thailand. Learn to cook Thai Cuisine. Our chef Wally will show and teach you all the skills you need to cook one of Asia's most varied & fascinating foods.

Book some tours and excursions at our counter to discover the Koh Samui jungle on the back of an elephant or by jeep. Some other recommended tours feature a visit to the nearby islands or the national park of Angthong by sailing boat, catamaran or by speed boat, a Thailand highlight.

And if you book on-line, you can guarantee fixed prices before they go up and the assurance of a place on the most popular excursions on Koh Samui, Thailand.

Boutique Shop

Boutique Shop

A Lasting Memory

Our elegant boutique shop presents art, antiques and artifacts collected from around the region.

Ideal as finishing touches on a room back home or as gifts for a loved one, these pieces are meticulously chosen, and presented here as a testament to our love of South East Asia.

The boutique is attended by friendly and knowledgeable staff who will advise you on the background of each piece.

All goods can be shipped safely with UPS.

You will also find postcards, travel CDs, Thai cooking DVDs, and a host of other pleasures.

Honeymoons on Koh Samui

Saying I do was only the beginning...

A romantic under the stars, walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, a private getaway in paradise: Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa provides the perfect backdrop for a honeymoon of romance, joy and dreams-come-true.

Awake each day in your luxurious Mediterranean-Thai style honeymoon haven, share a massage in the garden spa, enjoy evening meals in the comfort of your own veranda, these are days in tropical tranquility that you will cherish forever.

Our Honeymoon Package provides a wealth of treats and pleasures for the two of you to enjoy, and can be modified, expanded and developed to suit your specific honeymoon wishes.

Get in touch with our honeymoon planner to arrange a honeymoon exactly as you wish it to be.

Our Secret Gift Page for creative and fun ways to make your honeymoon extra special for him or her.

Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa has received widespread fame and recognition as a unique and delightfully romantic setting for a honeymoon abroad, specializing in unimagined moments of pure and intimate pleasure for couples to cherish forever.


Thai Weddings on Koh Samui

Experience a wedding package abroad with Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa


Thai Wedding
Thai Wedding
Thai Wedding

A traditional Thai-Buddhist ceremony is performed by three Buddhist monks. First, the monks chant and then bless the bride and the groom by linking their heads with joined loops of Sai Mongkon. The meaning of this is that the individual identity of the two people is kept but destinies are linked. The Head-Monk pours blessed water over the heads of the bride and the groom; the water is collected in a bowl of ornately arranged flowers. The guests of the bride and the groom also bless the couple on a water-blessing altar.

Western Weddings in Thailand

Experience a wedding package abroad with Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa


Western Weddings
Western Weddings
Western Weddings

To celebrate the most important day of your life, we have created a wide range of romantic wedding packages. These are only guidelines and we will be happy to prepare a tailor made wedding package abroad of your desire. Your Zazen wedding planner is here to help.


The location of your romantic wedding package abroad can be chosen from the pool, the beach, the spa sala, the restaurant. Your wedding planner recommends the late afternoon just before sunset, which will present you with the best lighting conditions and slightly cooler temperatures.


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